Thrifty Diaries: Goodwill in JP

Literally just grabbed this shot from that day’s Insta story because I felt so good in this green sweater.

Hi friends! I wanted to start this week off by sharing some of my thrifting journey with y’all. I started thrifting a couple months ago after feeling super inspired by some of my fellow fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram (hey, hey, Kelly from Hello Robinson Style). My approach is pretty simple: browse, try-on, pose, and leave either with the few items that stole my heart OR full-heart-but-empty-hands. One of my favorite parts of thrifting is how many things I’ve tried on and then bought that I probably wouldn’t otherwise if I went to the mall. I love that the prices are good (if you stick to your local Goodwill) and oftentimes I find like-new stuff right off the bat. It’s crazy what people throw away (but, I get it since I’ve definitely thrown away brand new things, I’m ashamed to say).

I found three amazing items last week and I decided to not only style them, but share some footage from my initial try-on session. Bare with me, Instagram stories are HARD.

Pretty much a die-hard fan of my new blue blazer because the print is amazing. In addition to the green cardigan and blue blazer, I also pulled a chiffon long-sleeve blouse that looks amazing tied over a pair of boyfriend jeans. I’m saving the best for last (trust me!). I’ll style it this week and share it with y’all then!

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