Interview with Reagan Rowland

Reagan with her boys.

I’m pretty easy to please; I love simple cuts, gold jewelry, and long drawn out dinners. Henri Lou Designs is accomplishing one of those things and killing at it. I stumbled across her beautiful gold necklace–the Lil Perfect Necklace–thanks to another fashion blogger, but it wasn’t until I interviewed Reagan Rowland, the brains and beauty behind the line, that I truly fell in love. I think, reading our interview, you will too!

HKS: How did you get started in the business?
RR: Click here and scroll down to meet the designer.

The Lil Perfect necklace I mention above

As Reagan walked around the shop, she was drawn to the brass-o-rings that are used on snaffle bits for horses.

~ From Meet The Designer on Reagan’s website

HKS: Does your job effect what you wear?
RR: You could say that! I work from home, so it could be a lounge pants kinda day or a sundress kinda day.

HKS: What is one item in your wardrobe you can’t live without?
RR: Anything Splendid. Oh eek! Just one?! My Birkenstocks.

HKS: How has your styled evolved over the years?
RR: Honestly? Not at all. I’ve always been a cute, comfy kind of gal.

HKS: Do you have different styles during the weekday vs. the weekend?
RR: I do. I work from home during the week, so I step it up a notch on the weekend’s.

HKS: Has your business influenced your style at all?
RR: Oh sure. The jewels come before the clothes as opposed to the usual [way to get dressed]: the outfit and then accessorizing.

HKS: What are 3 items every woman needs in her wardrobe?
RR: Birkenstocks (of course), a maxi dress, and some denim cutoffs.

Reagan with her beautiful, bestselling handbags

*All photos courtesy of Reagan

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