2 thoughts on “Are We All Just Copying Her?

  1. Tammi

    I think attribution is key when you feel like you’re copying or being inspired by someone else. I used to attribute my early work to “being inspired by Lisa Congdon.” It felt honest until I could develop my own style. Five years later, I’ve found my own groove and no longer feel like I need to do that. Hundreds of people inspire me, but I’m not flat out copying them. Lisa wrote a great post about this issue on her blog a few years back. It’s okay to be inspired by others, but it’s hurtful if you don’t give them credit. Period. If you use a photo or art by someone other than yourself, you must attribute it to the original artist, photographer, website, etc. If you are riffing on another’s ideas, classes, creations, intellectual property, it is in good taste to say so. I hope this is helpful to you as you navigate your path as a creative, Haley. I think Austin Kleon touches on this in his book, too. Good luck!

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