Mother’s Day & Why I Love My Mama

Baby Haley & my mama!

My mama was always a style icon of sorts for me. I feel like we have a very stylish family. All the women in my life definitely take pride in how they dress. I have specific memories of raiding my mother’s closet from a very young age. I loved going through a jewelry box she had kept from college and asking her questions about all the particular pieces. I also loved stealing her handbags as a got older and playing dress-up in her fancier duds.

One of my favorite parts of being a girl was getting to go on shopping trips with my mom. I love that we have similar taste when it comes to both clothing and bags and frequently nowadays I send her links to things I’m thinking of purchasing to get her approval. The one thing she taught me from a very early age, and the thing I hold onto most now is this, if you’re happy with how you look, that’s all  that matters. I hope today you get to spend the day with your mama or any and all the special ladies in your life who have helped you grow (both fashionably and otherwise). Happy Mother’s Day mama’s. Thank you for being you.

In case you need some seriously last minute gifts here is what I would suggest:

  • A gift card to her favorite mani/pedi spa
  • Taking her out to dinner and picking up the bill
  • A simple, but sweet card in the mail 
  • A phone call (those tend to mean a lot even more so than a gift)

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