Where I Like To Shop: T.J. Max

Hi friends! I decided to do a second post for “Where I Like To Shop” this week. T.J. Max is one of my favorite stores and I’m almost sure it’s one of yours. I was a skeptical Maxinista for quite some time, until I started to score big. The other day, I felt a calling (a fashion calling if you will), and went into my local T.J. Max, only to leave slightly heavier than when I came in. I ended up finding the perfect summer bag on a $200 discount with a wallet to match.

I could find my exact bag or wallet online, but I decided to pull together a few options reminiscent of my scored. I’m a fan of classic Kate Spade and these pink totes all feel perfect for summer. I did pick up a matching wallet, and added a few similar ones above. I’m a little particular when it comes to having things match!

I feel like having a classic bag in your wardrobe is something every woman should aim for. Investing in something that literally takes you day-to-night and also makes you happy to look at is important. I love that my new bag has a zipper (so I don’t have to worry as much when I’m traveling with it) and is plenty roomy for a water bottle, book, and planner (my top 3 items I have on me for anytime I leave my house). I also love that the color is such a fun pop! It feels both a little unusual and pretty unique.

A tiny peek inside my bag (I definitely have a thing for pink)

I also picked up an off-the-shoulder top by Hester & Orchard with the cutest pom poms and immediately wore it to dinner that very same night. I also love T.J. Max’s home goods — I mean I could spend hours in their mug and candle sections (and I definitely have come close).

I love the special items I picked up the other day and I’d love to hear from you! Have you scored anything big or small at your local T.J. Max?

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