Giveaway: Jo Wallet

My very favorite episode of Seinfeld includes George and his very full wallet. Whenever my wallet becomes even the slightest amount harder to close than usual, I make a Seinfeld joke.

I feel like it is a good signifier of adult-hood to have a nice wallet. Because, if you are spending money, and in this case, good money, on a wallet, than perhaps your priorities are more in order than mine (just kidding, I literally paid good money for a wallet the other day and sent it to my old Brooklyn apartment, and have now added, “talk to lovely salesperson at X company, to my daily routine as we hunt it down together…maybe not such an adult after all).
This photo is from Jo Handbags’ website. 

Anyhow, this wallet from Jo makes me smile for these reasons: it has a cute little button closure, it smells like the good stuff, it is roomy (literally you could fit small condiments in the front-pockets), and if you’re lucky, it is free for you! I have never done a giveaway before (because, well, I am a writer and money does not grow on my trees), but here we are. There are only twoish rules because I am lazy and expect my reader’s to be too…especially when it comes to Internet things:

  1. You must be 18+ 

  2. You must follow my blog (scroll to the bottom of the page, put in your email address, and hit “follow.”)

  3. Let me know you have done all this on the Instagram post that advertises this giveaway.

I will pick a winner randomly in 24 hours, literally out of a hat, and send you your wallet and some other cute things because I am a pack-mule and I am looking for you to be more like me.

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