Is Effortless Dressing a Myth?


The expression, “effortless dressing” always, upon seeing it in-person, seemed, well quite effortful. At least for me. At least for me, I don’t bounce out of bed in the morning knowing exactly what I want to wear. I don’t have a closet-full of clothes that magically go together, and I don’t own anything that could really be called “vintage.”

Reality hits at about 10:00am and I slowly, no slower than slowly, roll out of bed. House chores are first, than annoying my girlfriend into waking up, then the dog who needs a walk or a cuddle or food or…something. Usually, I dress by my mood, but that’s been harder and harder to do lately because I feel like I’m in a complete funk most days. I’ve ditched the majority of my thrifted goods and traded in some label-bought inspiration from other style bloggers. Which warrants the questions: Am I a style blogger yet? How does one become a style blogger officially? How the heck do I become a “style icon?”

I’ve always had an eye for what goes with what, but that eye was raised on the Upper East Side of NYC and thus sees $$$ before anything else. There’s a lot I must have now, and very little I end up loving through to the end of the month. Here’s a fun fact: the one item I do have a tendency to wear daily is a wooden beaded mala I purchased at a Goodwill, near my therapist’s office, on a fluke. It was the EXACT mala I had in mind when purchasing the other 5 I own. I guess, what I’m trying to say is quite frankly, effortless is bullshit to me. Also, if a style blog requires me to perpetuate the already perpetuated influx of happy smiles and explanation points which pepper absolutely every other style blog, than think of this blog as less of a style blog and more of a blog…with style? It’s hard for me to entirely disconnect from that part of me that lusts over cashmere and diamonds. I don’t entirely belong in the entirely-thrifted category either. I think there’s a healthy middle somewhere. This morning, without much effort at all (dare I say effortlessly), I pulled on a denim dress from Gap, two-year old patterned leggings from Uniqlo, a thrifted Loft red floral scarf, Birkenstocks, and my new backpack from Red Staggerwing. Obviously, my beaded mala, along with two rings that where I Christmas gift from my mother so long ago I don’t actually remember the date, and my favorite, I call them half-moon-disk earrings, from Leather Love by Amy.

I didn’t source this outfit from any blog, click on any links, or stand in a store for hours trying to pick-out spring essentials. I took what I had and I put it on in a way I felt comfortable in. My absolute favorite, dare I say STYLE ICON, because she actually is ICONIC in the way she dresses and talks about style, Stasia Savasuk creator of Stasia’s Style School, would encourage such dressing. I’m completely comfortable in a way that a pair of jeans (the epitome of supposed comfort) would fail me. I don’t feel out-of-place, out-of-body, or out of mind tugging down shirts, readjusting bracelets, worrying about getting wet in the rain (a worry that should be squashed by living in New England for almost six years).

I feel just like Haley. Just. Like. Me. I’m realizing that my style can be a map, something to redirect my internal compass around, routing and re-routing until I find the perfect effortless out for me. Be it a pair of boyfriend jeans stolen from my girlfriend, a thrifted bracelet that cost $2 or a backpack that takes me back to my much beloved college days, if it feels like me, it’s worth it. Debunking a myth is never easy, especially when in conclusion you kind of figure out that the line between fiction and non is slimmer than it first appears (a lesson I learned primarily studying nonfiction writing for four years in college). I don’t know what my future style holds, all I know is that I’m going to try to keep it real, be true to who I am (even if that means changing it up every few days), and continuing to keep you in the loop!

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