An Afternoon in Italy

Enjoying a little rest and relaxation yesterday after our lovely day

Saturday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous and my honey decided she wanted to take us on a trip to…Italy! Well, not Italy exactly, but the North End in Boston which is full of delicious homemade Italian food, beautiful views, and delicious pastries. We walked around, fully enjoying the nice breeze and sunny sky, before popping into a sweet, tiny Italian bookstore, and then having a delicious three-course meal! I’ve never eaten such good pasta before and I’ll be sure to be back soon. I wasn’t as familiar as she was with the North End, but lucky for me I had a cute tour guide (and a fluent one at that), to truly make me feel like we spent the afternoon in Italy.

Also, my girlfriend is a wonderful photographer! Here is me about to look at the menu. I loved this Loft top — it was perfect for yesterday’s activities. 

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for shower, naps, and some chill time before grabbing drinks at the bar downstairs and eventually a meal. We lingered for almost four hours, just enjoying talking to one another and listening to live jazz as the evening went on.

The really cute outfit I wore last night! This Old Navy dress, these mules, necklace & earrings, and my new beautiful purse
I don’t know if she’ll appreciate me posting this, but I just thought she looked so darn cute in her floral shirt from Old Navy!

Today, we headed home and quickly did a bunch of housekeeping. I’m off to drop-off some packages (the perils of ordering clothing online) and then possibly to a bookstore (my happy place). Wishing all of you a very happy Sunday! 

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