Out With The Old…

My best friend Michelle and I at Cherri Bomb’s Jubilee a few weekends ago. This outfit is slightly on the edgier/thriftier side for me, but it was fun one-off for a super great day.

Hi all! Welcome to my brand new site, Style Blush.

I am so so excited about this space. I started blogging when I was a teenager. My first blog was a fashion blog called, The Fashion Dish. You can click on the link to take a peek on my very first blog, all the mistakes, and all the amazing memories.

I blogged daily, interviewing all different types of people, from celebrities to designers to everyone in-between. That blog was my first entrance into a world to this day I am fascinated with: the world of fashion. I’ve had a lot of blogs in-between this one, but this new space is a space for me to talk about all things style.

Oh my god! Once upon a time this was me. Long, straight hair, super tiny thighs, holy wow! I definitely featured this on my old blog and I believe a former friend took the photo featuring some of the items she sold in her store.

I’m looking forward to featuring some amazing women. I’m also hoping to actually blog daily on what I’m wearing, why it matters, and how you too can get the looks. I’ve followed a lot of fashion blogs and the one’s I come back to time and time again are the one’s that have down-to-earth ladies featuring outfits that are practical and style that is timeless. I know we can’t all afford designer labels and I also know that there is no reason you or I have to!

Though I grew-up in a very privileged environment, I also know that money never defined me, and though it may ebb and flow, my style can always remain true to me. Recently, I’ve been flirting with thrifting, however I’m always most comfortable when I can assemble a few pieces, (new or old), and make a cute outfit that makes me feel most like me!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.15.04 PM.png
My beautiful fiancé! We are getting married in less than a year.

A little about me: I live in downtown Boston, with my fiancé and my adorable chihuahua mix, Dom Bean. I’m currently taking time off to work on my writing and decide if I want to be a fashion blogger full-time. I’m a big fan of reading, especially memoirs and am always looking for recommendations. I also enjoy making art regularly, coffee with friends, and investing in special items for my home. We are currently looking for a new place and I cannot wait to get rid of everything and start with a blank-slate.

My favorite places to shop include: Loft, Anthropologie, and Old Navy. I am a big fan of discount shopping and waiting for the sales. Though I haven’t always been so frugal, I’m learning that it’s actually kind of fun.


The name Style Blush came to me pretty quickly. It was hard to come up with an original name because it felt like all the best names were taken. I got the idea because I knew I wanted to include the word “style” and then “blush” came up in the suggested domain box! It’s a little bit of a spin on the definition because, sometimes, when I get dressed, I feel embarrassed by wanting to look cute, of being too “out there,” or of simply spending too much time on shopping, something that could easily be written off as frivolous. Maybe we all have a bit of a style blush and I think that’s freaking awesome! I really wanted to build a community where we could all come together, indulge in fashion, meet and greet, and build-up a place where we can share our best fashion finds and style tips with one another. I love getting fashion advice from my friends and I absolutely love shopping with them, I thought creating a virtual spot where I could share my finds with you and you could do the same would be pretty cool. I plan on posting everyday and ending my posts with questions or polls that hopefully y’all can comment on and/or answer. A community for us stylish sisters, a place where we can come together, and an outlet for me to share my style with you, because often times in today’s world that can feel slightly frivolous, the truth is though, it makes me feel better to love my reflection and I want that for all of you!

You can follow me on most channels of social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (to come), and always send me an email at haleysherif (@) gmail (dot) com.

That’s all I have for now, make sure to follow my blog, so you’re always alerted to new posts. I’m planning a super fun giveaway once I get 100 followers.


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